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Hullcar's growing population and their developing needs mean that the Hall must undergo a massive overhaul in order to adjust to the Community's changing needs. These renovations will bring the Hall up to building codes, insulate it and make it warmer and more energy efficient. Also two large wings will be added to the sides in order to increase the maximum capacity to 250 people. Just as in 1909 the labour for these repairs is being volunteered. The bill for them, (almost 80 times the cost to originally build the Hall inflation notwithstanding) is being footed by donations from the community, grants from provincial government agencies and regional organizations.

UPDATE: We will be continuing with the Hardi Plank siding on the hall as soon as the weather permits and the yard dries up.
We have purchased our siding from Shepherd's Hardware in Armstrong, BC We hope that everyone supports our local businesses who have helped us.
We are extremely happy to announce that our kitchen will be completed by mid April. Our kitchen cabinets have been constructed by Carrera Cabinets of Armstrong BC. We are so thankful to Alex and Tracey Sorensen of Hullcar Road, Armstrong BC who are the owners of Carrera Cabinets. Alex and Tracey have donated all the labour in construction and installation of the cabinets. We paid for the cost of materials. Alex and Tracey also donated and installed the cabinets in the bar area!! Talk about tremendous community support!!! Alex and Tracey can be reached at 250-546-3976 for all your kitchen needs, big or small!!

With the kitchen being near completion, we are happy that we are now a full fledged community hall. If you have any questions regarding rentals, please call Sherri at 250-546-1944 or email

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