Hullcar and Deep Creek
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A History of Hullcar and the Community Hall

This page will provide an overview of the History of Hullcar and the central role the community hall played in its development. Click any of the links to learn the story of Hullcar during any of these periods.

I. Early settlement of the Okanagan

The story begins with the settlement of Hullcar by Europeans in the 1870s and 1880s, following the opening up of the Okanagan Valley to the outside world by the C.P.R. and an influx of immigrants seeking land to cultivate fruit orchards.

II. Taming the land

Part II carries on the story of the initial development of Hullcar: the kinds of people who came to Hullcar, why they came, and what they did.

III. Building the Hall

Around the turn of the Century it became apparent that some sort of meeting place would be needed to knit together the growing community. All of Hullcar's residents came together and donated time and money to build the Community Hall in 1909, completing it in 50 days.

IV. Life in Hullcar 1909-1949

It would be well used, for weekly mass, weddings, funerals, dances, balls, and all sorts of diversions throughout the first half of the Twentieth Century.

V. 1949 to the Present

Following the Second World War the hall fell into disuse and disrepair until 1968 when the Community once again chose to renovate and refurbish the hall. It remains in use to this day and is undergoing renovations as of 2009, its Centennial year.

I hope you enjoy learning about Hullcar and we look forward to having you visit!

Written by Andrew Farris

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