Hullcar and Deep Creek
Community Hall Society

III. Building the Hall

Difficulties in travelling to the nearest town of Armstrong meant the growing community had to provide an number of services for itself: A school was founded in 1893, and a post office in 1894. What the community lacked however, was a center of gravity where communal gatherings could be held. The need for such a place was obvious but it was not until December 26, 1908 that a committee of the community's foremost citizens voted to build what would become the Hullcar and Deep Creek Community Hall. The hall was to be built on land donated by T.W. Platten on the corner of Deep Creek and Enderby roads with 30,000 feet of lumber donated by David Sharpe, owner of the nearby sawmill. The hall was to be 30 by 60 feet and have a heater, a kitchen and washroom facilities. Although labour for the construction was volunteered, the hall would still cost $435.50, a considerable sum for the time. In an impressive display of community solidarity 63 different citizens stepped forward to make contributions that ranged from $1.00 to $25.00 to reach the needed total.

Perhaps as a sign of the can-do pioneering spirit of the times, construction of the Hall was finished on February 19, 1909, only 50 days after it was begun. A free ball was held to celebrate which was reportedly attended by over 450 people. After the hall was finished another ball was to be held, this time charging an entrance fee of $0.75. Interestingly there was reportedly a fierce dispute in the Committee founded to oversee the Hall over whether men should be charged a cover fee of $1.50, while women would be let in free. The motion carried and it was the men only who had to shell out the cash to get into this second ball. As it appears some things never change!


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